Welcome to Ringerhut Home of the Champon!

 The History of Ringer Hut  

Ringer Hut a Japanese Restaurant Company, Originated in 1963 in Nogasaki, Japan.

The company operates more than 550 Ringer Hut restaurants in Japan along with  100 Hamkatsu Restaurants (Tonkastsu restaruant chain).

Ringer Hut was named after Frederick Ringer (1840-1908), an English merchant who was Famous in Nagasaki. 





Champon a japanese word meaning, "Blend",  is a well-balanced and nutritional meal in itself.  Six garden-fresh vegetables, shrimp, calamari, fish cake and meat are stirred into a delicious spiced broth with a healthy noodles made fresh daily from a special blend of flours. (650 Calories)




These golden, all-natural noodles are made of a special blend of flours, and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. We top these thin, crispy noodles with a rich, hearty secret sauce made from fresh vegetables and chicken. An old favorite, Sarudon is also low in calories

(693 Calories) and is loaded with vitamins and minerals.



Ramen, Top quality fresh ramen noodles served in traditional soy broth and topped with chashu pork slice, boiled egg, bamboo shoots bean sprouts and green onions. 



Gyoza, better known as Japanese pot stickers, is great-tasting alternatives to the traditional Chinese pot sticker. Our bite-sized Gyoza are filled with pork , vegetables and special spices, and encased in a delicate shell. Because we steam and grill them, they are lower in calories (297 calories per 6 pieces) and lower in cholesterol than traditional pot stickers. Try dipping them in our special made Gyoza sauce!













































March 3, 2015